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Slip and fall injuries sound like simple matters. After all, people fall all the time with no major damages. The problem is that sometimes these issues can be avoided if proper safety precautions are taken by the owner of the property. Slip and fall injuries aren’t always minor events. Sometimes they can cause extensive medical issues with the spine, neck, or other areas of the body. A seemingly minor injury like a bruised hip could be hiding injuries that are more significant. Even if you consider yourself a clumsy person, the slip and fall incident may not be something you caused or could have stopped. It’s important that the responsibility is placed where it belongs if for no other reason than to prevent future injuries. Don’t be a victim twice. A qualified slip and fall lawyer can ensure the right people are held responsible for your slip and fall accident.

Lack of Maintenance

Whether the incident happens at someone’s house or in a public place, neglecting to properly maintain the property can lead to someone slipping and falling. Things like porches covered in slippery moss, loose flooring, and other similar issues can create accidents that don’t need to happen. Often, people simply become too busy and forget to take care of their property, creating a dangerous situation for everyone. Others blatantly ignore issues simply because they don’t want to spend the time and money on repairs.

Inclement Weather

Even inclement weather can be an issue. However, there are still steps that people and businesses can take that will help make the situation a bit safer. For example, plain rock salt on the sidewalk can reduce the risk of ice forming and causing someone to fall. Windbreaks, signs that indicate wet flooring, and other items can also help reduce the risk of injuries. When property owners fail to provide visitors with a safe environment, they should be held responsible for any injuries that result.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice

When an incident does occur, someone has to take responsibility for it. Even a slight fall can cause enough pain to make you miss work or even suffer discomfort for the rest of your life. Medical bills can also add up very quickly. In such cases, you’ll likely face insurance adjusters and lawyers representing the property owners, and they won’t want to admit fault. Don’t be a victim twice. If you or someone you know has been in a slip and fall accident, make sure you have someone in your corner representing your best interests. We can help. Call 1-800-VICTIM2 immediately to get started.

Beware: Places Slip and Fall Accidents Might Occur

A slip and fall accident can happen just about anywhere. However, there are certain situations where they are more likely to occur than others. Business owners and property owners should be particularly aware of these areas in order to perform preventative maintenance to try and make sure these accidents don’t happen. After all, a property owner has an obligation to make sure that their property is safe for their visitors. Whether it’s failure to post a warning sign of slippery surfaces or neglecting to maintain a walkway, if you are injured in a slip and fall you might be entitled to compensation. Don’t be a victim twice. Our lawyers can ensure that the appropriate person is held responsible for your injuries.

Stairs and Stairwells

Stairs are a risky place to be even when they are well-maintained. Some people just don’t have the strength or coordination to be able to safely navigate stairs. This is especially true when it comes to elderly people or those suffering from a disease or injury that makes it difficult for them to travel using the stairs. Guardrails along either side of the stairs and stairwells can help reduce the risk of injury. Further, slip and fall accidents often occur on broken stairs that haven’t been repaired. Property owners have a responsibility to take any measure necessary to keep stairs and stairwell areas safe.

Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Inclement weather can increase the potential for slip and falls in parking lots and on sidewalks. Ice, snow, and even rain can make the area slippery and unsafe. Ice and snow might be obvious, but most people don’t realize how dangerous the rain can be. It prevents people from getting a clear view of the area in front of them, making it hard to gauge where they can and cannot safely walk. As a result, you might slip in a puddle or even trip over something in the parking lot or on the sidewalk.

Property Owner Responsibility

Property owners must maintain walkways even in bad weather and, if necessary, provide warning signs or other safety measures. It can be helpful to have some sort of roof over the outside area, even if it only covers part of the space. The roof can prevent precipitation from hitting the ground or coming in through the doorway. Rock salt can prevent the accumulation of ice and snow as well.

From the structure itself to caution signs and things like rock salt, there are a number of ways that property owners can make their areas a bit safer. When they don’t take these issues in hand, they leave themselves open for slip and fall lawsuits and other issues. If you are in a slip and fall accident, it isn’t easy getting property owners to accept blame. Don’t be a victim twice. We can help. Call 1-800-VICTIM2.