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Medical malpractice has become a serious issue. Part of the problem is that the medical field has become less personal than it used to be. Today, doctors don’t always know the names of their patients, much less all of their medical issues. This increases the likelihood of physicians missing important details such as allergies and indirect medical problems. It also doesn’t help that the doctors and even surgeons today tend to work long hours and see patients one after the other with no break in between.

However, medical professionals still have an obligation to practice medicine in the best manner they possibly can and if they are negligent, they should be held responsible. The problem is that in many medical malpractice cases, you have to battle many large companies, medical professionals, and attorneys representing them, and you risk being victimized over and over. Don’t be a victim twice. Let us help you make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Neglect and Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice doesn’t always involve the medical professional doing something directly wrong. In some cases, the problem is one of omission or neglect instead of direct action. These issues range from not moving bedridden patients, to elderly neglect and even forgetting to prescribe a medication that is a necessity for the patient. In these cases, someone needs to be held responsible for the injuries that result and it shouldn’t be you or your loved ones. Don’t be a victim twice. We can help.

Wrongdoing and Medical Mistakes

Some malpractice issues involve serious mistakes made by medical professionals. For example, it isn’t unheard of for a surgeon to amputate a limb that wasn’t supposed to be amputated. They might even remove an organ or part of an organ that wasn’t supposed to be touched at all. Normally, this isn’t intentional but these mistakes are often the result of being too tired to properly perform their duties. Still, when medical professionals make mistakes, they need to be addressed.

Responsibility of Medical Professionals

Medical professionals carry malpractice insurance for a reason. This makes it easier for patients to address the problem through their lawyer for various reasons. For one thing, the patient may like the medical professional and realize that the issue was a mistake rather than something malicious. In such cases, it helps to know that the insurance will take care of the issue rather than the medical professional.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice

However, that doesn’t always mean that the insurance company is going to be fair or overly generous about the issue. This is when you need our experienced lawyers to help. Don’t be a victim twice. Representatives for insurance companies won’t be looking to your best interests when it comes to medical malpractice. If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, call us immediately at 1-800-VICTIM2.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are some of the most complicated and involve many people. There are a number of different types of medical malpractice, but most involve a medical professional or facility making an error or neglecting to provide proper care, that results in an injury or death. Many of the mistakes that are made occur because of a lack of information, being in a hurry, or simply not paying attention and neglecting proper procedures. In many cases, medical malpractice injuries are entirely avoidable. When facing medical errors, however, most professionals will not be eager about accepting blame, which can cause you to be victimized all over again. Don’t be a victim twice. Make sure you are aware of the types of medical malpractice that can occur.

Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose

When physicians don’t use all the information at their disposal, there is every potential for a misdiagnosis or a complete lack of a diagnosis. Because physicians see many people every day and frequently deal with common medical issues, it is possible to get into the habit of only seeing a few of the symptoms that the patient experiences. On top of that, they may be unaware of the patient’s history, which could prevent overlooking treatment options. Although it is the medical professional’s responsibility to address these issues, it doesn’t always happen. As a result, the patient may receive the wrong treatment or no treatment at all, causing the issue to worsen.

Medication Errors

Not all medical malpractice cases involve physicians. Sometimes the problem is in the pharmaceutical setting or involves other medical staff, like a nurse. When a doctor writes an incorrect prescription, the fault is theirs. However, when the incorrect medication is given, the fault lies with whoever pulled the medication or gave it to the patient. In any event, someone needs to be held responsible for this type of error in order to prevent it from happening again.

Surgical Issues

From the anesthesia to the surgery itself there are a lot of things that can go wrong. An incorrect amount of anesthesia can cause serious medical problems. Naturally, surgical errors can lead to the development of more medical issues and sometimes even death.

Medical Facility Responsibility

Medical professionals aren’t without fault and sometimes it’s the medical facility that is responsible for medical malpractice. For instance, if the proper tools aren’t provided, training, or background checks, your injuries could be the employer’s fault and not just the individual’s. You’ll need a qualified legal team to help you figure out just who is to blame in your case.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice

These cases will involve many professionals and representatives who won’t have your best interests in mind and won’t ensure you receive the justice you deserve. If you think you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, don’t be a victim twice. Call 1-800-VICTIM2.