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When there is a drug recall, it is necessary to take action immediately. It’s important for consumers to understand the lengths that it takes for a drug to be recalled. Just consider one drug you take and think about the various side effects that you know it causes. Most of the time you know about these because your medical professional told you or you read some type of information packet on the product. Still, the drug was prescribed and should give you an indication of how serious things must be for a drug to be recalled completely. Holding drug companies responsible for illness and injury is complicated and you could end up being victimized twice. Don’t be a victim twice. Let us help you seek the compensation you deserve in your drug recall case.

What to Do When a Drug is Recalled

If you are taking a medication and it has been recalled, you will need to contact our lawyers as well as a medical professional. You’ll want to learn about the details of the recall, but we can also help you figure out what action you should take to move forward. Note that sometimes the FDA can issue a warning and the drug is still sold without letting patients know the warning was issued. This means if a drug is actually recalled, it may be causing serious medical issues. You need to do some research and find out what symptoms to look for, but it’s also important to contact us to help determine if you need to seek compensation for the effects that the drug has had on you and your health.

Who is Responsible for Damages?

It really depends on who was aware of the problem. For instance, if your doctor was aware that there was a problem that could impact you, but did not tell you and continued to write you prescriptions for the drug, he or she may hold some responsibility in the matter. However, if your doctor didn’t know about the problem, the responsibility may fall completely on the shoulders of the drug developer or manufacturer. Don’t be a victim twice. We can help you figure out who is responsible for your injuries and help you seek compensation.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice

Another potential issue is a class action lawsuit. If the drug has been used by enough people and caused enough people to develop more medical issues or make their current ones more severe, there may be a class action lawsuit. When it comes to details like these, you’ll need our experienced lawyers on your side to manage the case on your behalf while you recover as much as you can from the injuries caused by the drug. Don’t be a victim twice. If you’ve been taking a drug that has been recalled, call us immediately at 1-800-VICTIM2.

What You Should Know About Drug Recalls

Drug recalls are no small thing. It takes something extreme to make manufacturers pull a drug from the market. When that happens, consumers and medical professionals need to take action. While not all drug recalls mean that the drug is harmful, it’s important for consumers to make sure they understand what the recall is about and what they need to do in order to address it. This is especially true if the medication in question is something that needs to be taken on a regular basis to sustain life.

Why Are Drugs Recalled?

There are several reasons that a drug might be recalled, but not all of them are dangerous. For example, one might be recalled because the tool used to give the dosage is the incorrect tool for that form of medication. More serious errors might involve incorrect labels that don’t provide the right information or instructions. The drug might also be contaminated or found to be harmful in some way that was not previously known. It might also be something as simple as human error in packaging that involves a drug being packaged under the wrong name.

Effects of Recalled Drugs

In any case, some of these situations can be quite serious, especially when the chemical makeup of the drug is incorrect or harmful. Drug recalls are an indication that something was or is wrong with the medication you are taking. You may have already suffered from the drug’s effects, or you may experience health problems in the future as a result. Even if you don’t feel like you have experienced any negative effects from taking the drug, it’s important that you make sure your medication is safe before you continue taking it.

What to Do if a Drug is Recalled

If you or someone you know is taking a drug that has been recalled, you need to contact your doctor. You may need to get a new prescription for a different drug to continue treatment. You should also contact us to find out what to do with the drug you still have on hand and how to move forward. When drugs are recalled, you face battling drug companies, retailers, insurance companies, and many other professionals who won’t have your best interests or health in mind. Don’t be a victim twice.

If a drug you are taking has been recalled, you could be entitled to compensation for any illnesses or health effects caused by the drug. Plus, you may also have to face long-term damage because of the drug. Call us immediately at 1-800-VICTIM2 so we can help you get started.