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Dog bites can be serious and even fatal at times. Many people worry about rabies and infections as well as the long-term effects that come with being attacked by a dog. Further, pet owners seldom want to be accept blame for their pet’s actions, for fear of that might happen to their dog as a result. If you’ve suffered from a dog bite, you not only face dealing with the injury, but there’s also the potential of becoming victimized all over again by pet owners and insurance adjusters. Don’t be a victim twice. If you have been bitten by a dog, make sure the dog owners are held responsible so it doesn’t happen again.

Causes of Dog Bites

Dogs almost always display specific signs before they bite someone. The problem is that not everyone can read these signs. In many cases they are even misunderstood and interpreted as signs of playfulness or pleasure. This is often the case when it comes to dogs and children. If owners aren’t sure whether or not it’s safe for dogs to be around children, they should take the necessary precautions to warn parents and their children of the danger. Otherwise, the owner may be to blame if the dog attacks a visitor.

Potential Effects of Dog Bites

One of the biggest risks associated with dog bites is the risk of infection. For that reason, it’s impossible to determine exactly what the extent of the damages are until the bite has healed. Even deep scratches can carry various forms of bacteria and the potential for infection. Dogs also tend to puncture with their teeth and may also tear the flesh. When this happens, extensive surgery may be required to repair the tissue. Often, dog owners will attempt to avoid alerting the authorities to protect the dog. Under no circumstances should professional medical care be overlooked when a dog has attacked a person.

Responsibility of the Pet Owner

The pet owner is responsible for the actions of his or her dog and for ensuring that others are safe when they around the dog. In many cases, getting a dog owner to accept responsibility can be difficult. Don’t be a victim twice. We can ensure the owner is held responsible for your injuries so that the dog doesn’t injure someone else in the future. You can’t trust the dog owners, who likely have personal feelings about protecting their pets, to always do the right thing and accept blame. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog call 1-800-VICTIM2 immediately.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

A dog bite is a serious incident not just because of the immediate injuries, but because of the things that can happen as the result of the bite, like infections and diseases that were spread from the dog to the person who was bitten. Tending to the bite itself is just part of the procedure. You may also need to seek compensation not just for your injuries, but to prevent the incident from happening to someone else. In most cases, dog owners won’t want to accept blame for their pets and your dog bite will become a complicated legal matter. Don’t be a victim twice. Take these steps after a dog bite and then contact us for assistance in seeking compensation.

Medical Treatment

Anytime you are bitten by a dog or other animal you need to seek medical treatment immediately. You may need to get some preventative shots as well. Further, your treatment may be dependent on other events in your area. For example, if local dogs have been known to carry specific diseases, you may need specific treatment to prevent the effects of the disease or manage the symptoms. Even if it seems as though your injuries are minor, it’s best to have a medical professional examine them as soon as possible.

Law Enforcement Awareness

Dogs don’t normally bite people without reason. In many cases, they are provoked or have some sort of disease or disorder that makes them more aggressive than normal. However, it’s impossible for most of us to know what a dog is thinking and what it may view as threatening. When it comes to dog bites, the owners of the dog need to be sure that those visiting or in the area are safe, no matter what might be going on in the dog’s mind. In any case, a dog that bites needs to be addressed, especially if it is a stray dog. For this reason, you need to contact the authorities and let them know you have been bitten. This is also an important step if you plan to file a claim against the owner of the dog. In cases involving dog bites, documentation is necessary to prove that the event actually happened and that the dog you describe was involved.

Filing a Dog Bite Claim

It isn’t always easy to file a claim against a dog owner. Much of your success depends on the laws in your area as they apply to owner responsibility and how willing the dog owner is to accept responsibility for the attack. Because of these challenges, you can end up being victimized again after the dog bite. Don’t be a victim twice. Make sure you have someone on your side who has your wellbeing and best interests in mind. Plus, you want to ensure that the owners take necessary precautions to prevent the dog from attacking someone else, possibly even a small child.

If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog, don’t risk navigating the case alone. Call 1-800-VICTIM2 to find out the best way to move forward.