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Construction injuries can occur as a result of anything from a lack of safety precautions to ignoring company training implemented specifically to prevent injuries. The injuries are not always major, but they each have the potential to be. If you suffer from a construction injury, it’s important to follow through with the proper procedures in order to address these accidents and minimize the risk of loss. In fact, the company or even the union may have steps in place just in case certain accidents happen. Whether you are injured on the job or driving through a construction zone, don’t be a victim twice. Make sure you have a qualified construction injury lawyer to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Safety Issues

Companies are required to follow certain safety codes and there are laws in place that demand it. The problem is that companies don’t always follow these safety codes and even encourage workers to ignore safety measures in order to speed up production. While one accident may not always seem like a big deal, ignoring safety codes puts everyone at risk. Safety code violations that could lead to accidents might include simple things like not requiring employees to wear harnesses when working on roofs to removing the guards from power tools. In some cases, improper training or no training at all in the use of specific tools or safety equipment can become a serious hazard for construction workers and anyone else in the construction work zone.

Risks to Everyone in the Construction Zone

The risk to employees isn’t just in the form of physical harm. Many employees are afraid to say anything about the lack of safety because they want to keep their jobs. When this happens, they put themselves in a situation that could lead to serious injuries for themselves and their coworkers. This also becomes a risk to people driving through unsafe construction areas and anyone else who might be in the area. Whether it’s the workers or non-workers driving through the construction zone, unsafe areas can result in serious injuries, and someone should be held responsible.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice

If you happen to be dealing with a construction injury, it’s important that you document everything and contact an experienced legal representative. Most companies have a team of lawyers who represent their needs and defense. Don’t be a victim twice. You will need someone familiar with construction injuries to battle the other side’s representatives. If you have been involved in a construction accident or have a construction injury, we can help. Call 1-800-VICTIM2 immediately.

Causes of Construction Injuries

Most types of construction injuries stem from safety issues that were ongoing and only came to light when someone actually got hurt. Then there are other types of accidents that have nothing to do with a lack of safety on the part of the workers but have plenty to do with a lack of public concern for the safety of construction workers. No matter what the reason is, a construction injury is more than just an injury to the worker. It can also mean losing your job and even the ability ever to work in construction again. Don’t be a victim twice. If your construction injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation.

Failure to Follow Safety Guidelines

Most, if not all, construction safety guidelines are in place because at some point, certain procedures or practices resulted in an injury or fatality. For instance, the guards that are in place on table saws became necessary when several people lost fingers or were hurt from a constantly exposed blade. While removing the guard makes the job easier to do, it also makes it more hazardous. There are thousands of safety guidelines and equipment features in place for the very same reason. When those rules are circumvented, accidents with serious injuries can occur.

Neglecting to Post Appropriate Signs and Warnings

Whether the construction is on the road or in a building, there are almost always signs to indicate what people should do. This may involve detours for driving or signs instructing others to take the stairs instead of the elevator. In some cases, it simply means avoiding an area altogether. When the public ignores these signs, they don’t just put themselves at risk, but also the people around them. This includes construction workers and those driving through or visiting construction sites.

Lack of Proper Training

Of course, accidents do happen from time to time, and one could say that they aren’t really anyone’s fault. However, with the proper training, construction workers know what to do in the case of an accident so that they can reduce the risk of injury. If workers aren’t properly trained and end up causing an injury or becoming injured, the employer or person responsible for providing the training may be responsible.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice

In most cases the causes of construction injuries can be traced back to some sort of human error. All too often this involves people being in a hurry and placing time and production over safety. Or, even construction companies and employers who intentionally overlook proper safety procedures. If you are in a construction accident, don’t be a victim twice. You owe it to yourself and your family members to call 1-800-VICTIM2 to find out if you are entitled to compensation for your construction injury.