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Ideally, companies test for potential safety hazards and ensure that products are safe before releasing them to the public, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Even when it does, there are still certain situations that may not be accounted for that end up causing severe injuries. It’s also a fact of business and production that even when there is a risk of damage, the cost of that risk is weighed against the potential for it to actually happen and then again against the potential for consumers to do anything about it. When you face companies responsible for injuries caused by their products, you risk being victimized again by representatives that don’t have your best interests in mind. Don’t be a victim twice and call us to help navigate your product liability case.

Testing and Research

When it comes to testing and research, manufacturers and engineers aren’t required to test every possible scenario, nor should they. That task would be impossible to complete. Yet by not doing so, consumers are faced with some sort of risk from every product that is ever manufactured. It isn’t just the end product that needs to be researched and tested either, but the materials and methods used to make the product as well. When proper procedures aren’t taken to ensure safety, those who are injured deserve compensation for their injuries.

Company Responsibility

If and when there is a problem with a product, the responsibility normally falls on the company that designs and makes the product. This is especially true when the company is aware of the issue. To that end, researching exactly what the company is and isn’t aware of often falls on the shoulders of lawyers and their staff. No company is going to voluntarily admit that they were aware of the risk. If anything, they are more likely to hide any evidence that might link them to awareness. Don’t be a victim twice. Our lawyers can ensure the evidence you need for your case is gathered and presented.

Warnings and Labels

Warnings and labels don’t always cover everything. Even if they do, they may not cover the extent of the problem. For instance, posting a warning that a product is hot doesn’t necessarily let people know that the product is hot enough to burn through to the muscle tissue in a matter of seconds rather than just causing a reddening of the skin. This is just one reason that contacting a lawyer who has experience with product liability can ensure you get the compensation you deserve. In fact, it may even bring other people to admit that they have had a similar problem with the product.

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Types of Product Liability Cases

Product liability isn’t always easy to pinpoint. There are so many people involved in the conception and sales that putting the liability where it belongs can be difficult. Even the consumer may be liable in some way. Though there are plenty of people involved and these cases aren’t always easy to manage, product liability really boils down to three different types. These types involve marketing, design, and manufacturing. Each of these areas has specific responsibilities to the consumer and to each other. For example, manufacturing can’t perform their tasks correctly without having a correct design. This is one of the reasons that responsibility takes time to pin down.

Defective Marketing Techniques

Everyone knows that marketing tends to stretch the truth a bit. However, outright lies can lead to unsafe practices. When people use the product as instructed and they get injured rather than seeing the results that were promised or on top of seeing the results that were promised, the issue is a marketing flaw. Injury or damage is key here simply because no matter what a product claims to do, there are always individual variables to consider as to its actual effectiveness. Inadequate instructions and warning labels are also a part of flawed marketing techniques.

Flaws in Original Design

If the design of the product is such that it leads to injuries, the liability lies within the original design. Sometimes the issue isn’t obvious until someone gets hurt. Such is the case with many tools over the years. After consumers had been injured, safety features were added to the design. Sometimes the injury has to come before the modification in design, but someone should still be held responsible for the resulting injuries caused by the flaw.

Manufacturer Defects

Manufacturer defects can range from the raw goods used to manufacture the product to assembly and packaging of the product. Sometimes the materials are dangerous, and people don’t realize it until it’s too late. One good example is the flip-flop issue that resulted in skin damage, and in some cases, muscle damage to the feet of people wearing the flip-flops. It was the material itself that was dangerous rather than the design or marketing methods.

Experienced lawyers are able to investigate so that they can find the source of the problem, but first, consumers have to come forth. If they only complain to the company, nothing in the process is likely to change and you may end up being victimized again. Don’t be a victim twice. Contact us at 1-800-VICTIM2 if you have been injured because of a product’s manufacturer, materials, or marketing.